Dr. Mark Nelson

Chairman of Fund the Fight Council of Advisors

Bailey Dillon

Co-Founder – Director of Operations

Gary Tedder

Fund the Fight Council of Advisors

Kylee Davidson

Co-Founder and Director of Marketing and Development

Dan Harrison

Fund the Fight Council of Advisors

Melissa Schaefer

Manager of Accounting

Bryan Dillon

Co-Founder and Fund the Fight Council of Advisors

Jonathan Savino

Technical Advisor

Fund Allocation Determination Process

1. Proof of Cancer Diagnosis: The applicant must submit medical records showing proof of malignancy diagnosis (any cancer of any stage) and active treatment thereof.

2. Proof of Household Income: The applicant must provide the most recent year’s tax return. Applicants eligible to receive funds must have a gross family yearly income of less than $100,000.

3. Proof of Medical Expenses: The applicant must provide medical and/or pharmacy bills, displaying insurance gap. Upon meeting the above three stipulations, the applicant will be eligible for a one- time gift to be determined on the amount of current funding available.

**Each allocation from Fund the Fight, will be reviewed by and determined at the sole discretion of the board of directors, and all decisions are final.

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