Our Mission:

Cancer is a devastating, debilitating, exhausting, and all encompassing battle.  Each person affected by cancer has unique challenges and needs.  Fund The Fight is an organization that provides financial aid through fundraising and donations that is dispersed to adult cancer patients from Colorado with financial need to ease the burden of their battle.

What We Do:

We award a defined amount of money for specific patients as a one time payment through an application process for distinct needs.  Money is awarded on a rolling basis monthly depending on the  number of applications and funds available.  Unfortunately, not all applicants will be awarded.  The application will either be awarded money, not awarded, or rolled over to the next month for reconsideration.  One of those three decisions will be communicated to applicant.

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Who Can Apply
Adult (age 18 or over) cancer patients (Stage IV but exceptions are made) who are US Citizens living in Colorado currently undergoing or having undergone treatment within the past 6 months. Treatment includes chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery.  The household income of the applicant must be at or below 300% of the 2016 Federal Poverty Line and the monthly expenses of the household have to exceed the income.  Three hundred percent of the 2016 Federal Poverty line is as follows:





Household Size Household Total Income
1 $35,640
2 $48,060
3 $60,480
4 $72,900
5 $85,320
6 $97,740
7 $110,190
8 $122,670
How to apply

Option One:
Through your social worker:  Print the application and fill out the documents completely (can be done with the help of the social worker).  Submit the application, expense report, and waiver with your most recent household members’ pay stubs and proof of expenses to your social worker who will give the documents to us via fax (888.506.6238), in person, or by email Admin@fundthefight.com.

Requirements of Applicants

Awardees are required to share their story through at least pictures (video encouraged but not required) to help promote the group to donors and potential applicants.  A waver is included with the application that must be signed prior to awarding the money.
Applicants must submit, with the application, the most recent pay stubs or other sources of income for all household members.

Applicants must provide a summary of the household’s monthly expenses with proof of those expenses (i.e. printed bills).

What is awarded

A one time $1000 award is given the awardees to be used as the awardee wishes for any or all of the 5 distinct needs as noted below.  To clarify, the $1000 award can be divided in any way among the 5 distinct needs.

What needs qualify for fund allocation
  1. Health Insurance Premium/Medical Bills.
  2. Mortgage/rent payments
  3. Utilities
  4. Car Payment
  5. Treatment travel costs or cost of travel related to treatment
How the funds are allocated

Bills and purchases are paid directly by our staff and not through the awardee.  All the information needed to make the transaction must be provided to our staff.


Dr. Mark Nelson

Chairman of Fund the Fight Council of Advisors

Bailey Dillon

Co-Founder – Director of Operations

Patrick Cole

Fund the Fight Council of Advisors

Kylee Davidson

Co-Founder and Director of Marketing and Development

Dan Harrison

Fund the Fight Council of Advisors

Melissa Schaefer

Manager of Accounting

Bryan Dillon

Co-Founder and Fund the Fight Council of Advisors

Jonathan Savino

Technical Advisor

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